Develop a plan that strives to protect your assets and establishes a strategy that passes your assets down to future generations.

The first step in the Protect phase of our process allows us to work with our clients to help them guarantee that they leave a legacy for the generations that follow. Here we will guide you through a process of determining who your assets will be distributed to, the appropriate timing of that distribution, and in what form you’d like that to be accomplished. We refer to this as your Foundational Planning.

The second step in the Protect phase is to evaluate strategies that can aid in tax mitigation which potentially increases the monies to your family, as well as charitable and non-charitable institutions alike. A secondary objective is to strive to protect your assets during life by utilizing appropriate asset protection strategies.

The final step in the Protect phase is to ensure the estate has adequate liquidity to pay any taxes and ensure that distributions to the family are met as outlined in your Foundational Planning.

The end result is an estate plan that is integrated with your wealth plan. This plan distributes your assets to the people whom you wish, in the time that you desire, and in the structure that best suits your wishes. It additionally takes advantage of all legal strategies to help mitigate or reduce any potential tax liabilities, if any, and strive to protect your assets during life. It is our experience that once our clients have completed this process, they can move forward in their wealth plans confident that their estate will go to the people they care for the most.