We work with you to strategize and invest in a way that gives you a personalized portfolio tailored to your specific goals.

The Invest step is the part of the process where our clients get the opportunity to participate in strategies that help them to continue to build, sustain, and enjoy their wealth. Most people today tend to approach investing as a group of isolated, independent decisions, which can in turn generate poor returns and end up adding excessive expenses. This is the stage where other investment firms often tend to push their particular product as opposed to having the client’s best financial interest in mind. In order for us to secure the best investment strategy for you, we like to personalize the process by understanding where you are on the risk/reward scale. This type of detail can help us get you to a place where your portfolio is in line with your objectives and risk tolerances.

At Newport Advisory, we build our own investment models to uniquely match your timeframes, risk parameters, and return needs. This is in light of your wealth plan and your understanding and feelings toward certain investments. We also sit down with you and help you decide how to allocate your money to help you meet the objectives of your wealth plan. We will help you indicate how much to allocate between stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments. We shift our models according to what’s best for you in relation to an ever-changing market. With investment strategies that range from broader models, to accumulation, to pre-retirement and retirement, we’ll help you position out what those stages in your life need to look like, as well as take the time to review your portfolio’s performance personally with you and ensure you are happy with your investments.